Welcome to Underdog Society

I used to write about my love for books, movies and music on empty notebooks that I could find around the house. As years go by, the notebooks had either gone missing (with my thoughts along with it), or had resurfaced as I was searching and digging for old toys and clothes.

So I guess, creating this blog is paying a homage for the lost thoughts and written essays – some about my love for a character, some about my discussion on what is the best sandwich. Everything I write are random, I prefer to put it down in pen or pencil, or if there’s lack of paper, I would type it on my phone.

As for the domain, I have always felt like an Underdog in my life, and I am self-deprecating because my confidence is the size of a pea so there’s that. I hope if you do read this (or you came upon it on a mistake), you would find solace and comfort that you don’t know me in real life whatsoever.

With love and regrets,



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