Fear of dolls and Creepy dolls in horror movies

I hate dolls. It starts when my mom bought me a doll for my sixth birthday and it turns out it was possessed by a serial killer and it wanted to kill me so that it could possess my body.

Okay, so unless you have never seen Child’s Play, you might have already thought I’m nuts and are prepared to call the cops. But I do still hate dolls, and I thank Chucky for that. Now, Chucky (or Chuckie whatever you wanna call that plastic demonic thing), was not the only doll that play a part in my fear of dolls. Oh no, he’s one of them, and he’s probably the creepiest doll for me.

Believe or not, my parents let me watch Child’s Play, and other horror movies at a young age, I was probably 8 or 9 when I saw this movie. As I get older, I question my parents’ intention, and style of parenting – and I question my sanity and mentality more. Safe to say, I don’t have the urge to be a murderer watching these. Developing fear of dolls – absolutely. I threw away all my Barbie dolls that I always play with because I fear one day they will come alive and try to kill me. When I asked my mom why she lets me watch all these stuff when I was a kid, and that I was afraid of dolls because of it, she only expresses her relief that she didn’t have to buy me any more Barbie dolls.


We’re not done yet folks! Nope this is another nightmare. Before I even watched Disney’s Pinocchio, I actually watched a horror movie called “Pinocchio’s Revenge”. If you watched it, it is actually a rip-off of Child’s Play. The premise is quite the same, lonely child who wants a doll, a single mother, a killer possessed doll – I don’t think the whole movie was that clear, but whenever someone mentions Pinocchio, I’m gonna be thinking about this nightmare wooden doll who should belong in a haunted museum. If people wanted to argue that it’s not fair to turn a beloved Disney character into something menacing, let me remind you that in the original literature, Pinocchio ain’t that likable either – so maybe the writers for Pinocchio’s Revenge had a point after all.

Even as an adult, living alone, I got a chance to revisit my nightmares, with new creepy dolls. Particularly, James Wan’s movies which always featured dolls. Saw, Dead Silence, The Conjuring, Insidious, Annabelle… Despite the fact that Child’s Play and Pinocchio’s Revenge was more like slasher films, Wan’s horror movies uses devils, demons, witches as the source of their evil behaviour. Granted, there are other creepy dolls in 80’s horror movies that uses evil spirit as the bad guy, but I see the trend in horror movies nowadays, and evil spirits are always the one who ended up killing everyone in the film. Also games, Five Nights at Freddy’s anyone?


So what is it about dolls that makes them creepy and the bad guy in horror movies? Is it their cold dead eyes and their shiny plastic skin? Does sitting in a room alone with them makes you uncomfortable? Maybe it’s just me and my fear of dolls (apparently it’s called Pediophobia), maybe I just watched too many horror movies as a kid and never separate fiction and reality.

So, are you scared of dolls too?


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